Study abroad, simplified.

Within EF’s College Study division, our sole focus is on short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs, all academic and culturally blended by design. Through global networks and collaboration with educators, we build high-quality and sustainable programs that give as many students as possible access to life-changing experiences. We believe that:

1. We all learn better through experience.
2. Travel is an educational platform to fuel lifelong growth.
3. Global competencies are crucial in today’s world.
4. Travel can positively impact students in just 10 to 14 days.

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Our vision is to open study abroad access to all learners regardless of gender identity, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status so that they have the opportunity to develop the soft skills required to navigate today's interconnected world.

Our goal is to increase access to study abroad opportunities by expanding and diversifying our network of colleagues and travelers to create an intercultural experience that is educational and transformational for all learners.

Travel thoughtfully

Travel has a big effect. Not just on travelers, but on the people and places they visit. In order to make sure EF and our travelers are making a positive impact, we’ve created guidelines for getting in the mindset to travel responsibly on your next adventure.

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Why study abroad matters

Wherever students go and whatever their focus, a study abroad program can build crucial global competencies needed for personal, professional, and academic growth.

1. In the workplace, 93% of students who studied abroad and entered the workforce were employed within 6 months of graduation, compared to 49% who did not study abroad.1
2. In the classroom, students who studied abroad saw a 100% greater improvement in GPA.2
3. At home, the number of students who were confident navigating unfamiliar places post study abroad saw a 97% growth.3

Sources: 1: IES Abroad 2015; 2: Georgia Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative 2010; 3: College Study Tours Program Impact 2018

Partnerships and affiliations

At EF College Study, we work with expert partners to ensure the institutional needs of the educators we work with are met. Our network of educational partners is comprised of thought leaders and renowned institutions around the world. Throughout your journey with EF, you'll have opportunities to experience the benefits of these incredible partnerships—including access to events, resources, and travel.

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