Step 1

Find your perfect EF College Study program

With the most variety and balance in the industry, all of our programs are academic and cultural by design. To get you started, we offer four types of short-term college travel programs:

Step 3

Take advantage of faculty leader benefits

As an educator, selflessness can feel like part of the job description. But let’s take a moment to consider how traveling with EF can impact you—including a loyalty program that you won't find elsewhere, to scholarships for you and your students, fully-funded international trainings, networking opportunities with like-minded faculty, and much more.

Step 4

Travel with your students

Booking transportation. Finalizing reservations. Arranging curricular components. We handle the logistics so you don’t have to. And with your 24/7 Tour Director providing local insight and knowledge while managing all those day-to-day details, your students will be immersed in coursework that complements your curriculum on campus.

Step 5

Return home and reflect

Back home, it’s time to share your experiences and use that excitement to start planning your next program. Where will you go? What new lessons will you bring from your curriculum? We’ll help you with it all, and work with you to create a program that’s sustainable for years to come.

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