Step 1

Choose Your Program

When you partner with us, you have all the options in the world. Whether you need inspiration from our team of short-term study abroad experts or already have your own ideas, we’re able to integrate your curriculum into any program to bring your ideal teaching moments to life. Plus, we’ll help you get approval from your administration so you’re free to share your own global perspective—wherever it takes you. Browse programs by:

Step 3

Participate in New Group Leader Training

When you take your students abroad, you should feel confident, prepared, and ready for anything. So we’ll train you—for free—via webinars you can take part in from home, or on an international training program in Paris or Barcelona. 

Step 4

Travel with your students

Booking transportation. Finalizing reservations. Arranging curricular components. We handle the logistics so you don’t have to. And with your 24/7 Tour Director providing local insight and knowledge while managing all those day-to-day details, your students will be immersed in coursework that complements your curriculum on campus.

Step 5

Return home and reflect

Back home, it’s time to share your experiences and use that excitement to start planning your next program. Where will you go? What new lessons will you bring from your curriculum? We’ll help you with it all, and work with you to create a program that’s sustainable for years to come.

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