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We develop custom, scalable short-term study abroad programs that help our institutional partners maximize travel and skill-building opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

Our programs are informed by close collaboration with academic institutions, enhanced with outcomes assessment and curriculum integration tools, and driven by our vision for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all learners.

An educational and intentional approach to program design

Our Global Learning Model

Leading students on an EF College Study program is more than just an incredible travel experience. When learners participate in our intentionally designed programs that leverage our Global Learning Model, they develop global competencies before, during, and after their in-country immersion—deepening learning and accelerating personal development.

Our approach to program design, developed in consultation with leading industry experts using best practices, is grounded in learning outcomes and includes academic resources, curated experiences, and assessments to maximize student competency development.

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Study abroad programs for every curriculum

With the most variety and balance in the industry, all of our short-term study abroad programs are academic and cultural by design. Choose from:

New itinerary. New learning moments.

Designed to provide insight to the African diaspora, this program approaches the cultures, sites and rich histories of each European landmark city through the lens of the Black Experience. Through expert facilitated discussions and guided learning, topics such as change and continuity and historical significance will prompt new and engaging perspectives while inviting critical thinking about the evolution of these communities, their complex pasts, and vibrant presents.

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When you travel with EF, there’s one constant: the cultural curiosity and unforgettable experiences that students take with them wherever they go. And now you’ve got more places to go than ever, both near and far.

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What makes us different

When you work with EF College Study, you simply get more: more impact, more consultation, more access, more academic resources, more customization, more risk management, and more professional development opportunities.

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