Tools from EF to help your students grow

Now more than ever, empathy, awareness, and adaptability are crucial for success, and as students encounter new cultures and environments, the opportunities to develop these skills increase. To capitalize on these moments, EF College Study offers a number of different tools designed to help educators facilitate student growth, both abroad and back on campus.

1. Academically enriched travel programs
2. Industry engagement opportunities
3. Global learning resources & faculty development

4. Global Competencies Assessment tool

Academically enriched travel programs

Our EF College Study short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs are informed by academic institutions, current and former educators, our global network, and world-renowned partnerships.

Each program, whether it’s intercultural-focused, service learning-based, discipline-focused, or customized for your curriculum, includes a thoughtful itinerary, learning opportunities, and moments of reflection—a trifecta that drives growth of the soft skills students need throughout their academic, professional, and personal lives.

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