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My global resume

Once you’ve completed your EF College Study Tour, how do you plan to leverage your time abroad on a resume? How about job interviews? Today, more than ever, employers recognize that candidates with experience abroad have gained the global perspective needed to compete in a diverse economy.


Showcase global skills

When employers review resumes and cover letters, they want to know about your educational background, field of study, work experience - and how your unique skill set complements your desired position.

Every experience is different, but here are a few of the transferable skills travelers gain from their College Study programs.

  • Global awareness
    Be sure your international experience gets noticed by highlighting separate categories such as "International Education" or "International Experience."

  • Increased independence
    Employers look for the confidence and capability to dive into unfamiliar situations and learn from them. Incorporate into your interview some of the communication and problem-solving experiences you had while abroad.

  • Experiential learning
    Describe what you did and the skills you gained while abroad. For example, you could describe seeing foreign business practices in action during College Study business visits.

  • Foreign language proficiency
    Emphasize how your time abroad increased your language proficiency or inspired you to study a new language.

International careers

In today's interconnected world there are more international opportunities available than ever before. Below you'll find some resources to help you locate careers around the globe.



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