What makes us the leader in faculty-led?

We deliver lasting and reputable study abroad programs that support the curricula at over 1,200 colleges and universities. We partner with faculty and administration to connect their academic vision and institutional needs to our unmatched global network.

A partnership like no other

It all begins with the support of your personal Program Coordinator who takes the time to understand your unique campus environment. They collaborate with you to ensure every learning goal is met, promote your program effectively and build a tradition of travel with your students.

An unmatched global presence

By partnering with the World Leader in International Education, you get premiere access to people and places essential to your teaching experiences abroad. With EF's global network of 500 schools and offices in over 50 countries, you get the peace of mind of knowing our team is always nearby and ready to assist in any emergency. Read more about our Safety & Security.  


We work closely with our partners to ensure their institutional needs are met, and we’re connected to the standards and values of the greater global education community.
Inspire your students through culturally immersive educational travel