Video submission tips and resources

What are some good video editing programs that I can use?
  • For Mac users: iMovie is a great program! You can drag and drop photos, videos, voiceovers, and music to create a compelling video.
  • For PC users: Windows Movie Maker is a very simple program to use. Similar to iMovie, you can upload your own photos and videos with the option of adding captions, title pages, and transitions, among other things.
  • Other popular programs that past students have used include:

My video is too big. What can I do?
It depends on your specific software, but there are a few good options for reducing video size here:
  • How to reduce video size (WikiHow) 
  • Vimeo’s video compression guide is also helpful to ensure your video’s quality and optimization for streaming. You can also upload it to a place like YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox and share the link with us in the form as well.