Global Travel Protection

Travelers can choose to enroll in the Global Travel Protection plan because many insurance plans do not provide adequate coverage for people traveling abroad. Designed specifically with EF travelers in mind, this cost effective plan covers travelers for the official tour portions while groups are traveling with a Tour Director. In the event of an emergency, you will have 24-hour access to English-speaking emergency service, no matter where you may be. 

The Global Travel Protection plan costs $165 and includes:

Tour Cancellation and Interruption Coverage
A refund of the Program Price if you need to cancel or interrupt the tour due to reasons of serious injury or illness requiring hospitalization, financial hardship due to unexpected job loss, jury duty, military call to active duty or severe damage to home. 

Illness and Accident Coverage
Coverage of hospital bills, doctors’ fees and medical transportation for illnesses or injury while on tour, as well as travel and accommodation expenses for a family member to be with you while hospitalized in the event of a life-threatening illness. 

Baggage and Property Coverage
Coverage for baggage, airline tickets, travel documents and valuable property in cases of theft or delay. 

Flight Delay Coverage

Coverage for expenses due to flight delays (lodging, food, and other reasonable expenses) as well as limited coverage for every full land day missed of your program due to flight delays or cancellations.

*The Global Travel Protection plan includes both an insurance and a program operator benefit. To view a more detailed summary of the most current policy underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, click here.The Global Travel Protection plan is non-refundable. This page serves as a summary of coverages available under the Global Travel Protection plan; actual coverage options may vary, and underwritten components are based on state of residency. For detailed policy certificates by state click here.

For information on filing a claim, visit our claims page.