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5 reviewed Tokyo: The City Experience
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  1. Japan

    Japan was an amazing experience. It may be expensive for some of you, however it is still worth it.
    focusliner / Student traveler
    Corral de tierra, CA / Posted on May 25, 2018
  2. Best trip ever

    i had a great time in this trip i learned a lot and is an experience i wont ever forget.
    tobi / Student traveler
    Henderson NC / Posted on April 17, 2018
  3. Tokyo Experience

    The overall experience was great, especially for my first time out of the country. The scheduled tours should have been longer so tat we could really enjoy our time and get the full value. For example, we should have had more time at the museums, and mountains. We had 30 min to explore 2 massive buildings and we only had 20 min to explore one of the mountains. If the tour times were extended, then this trip would be valued as excellent.
    RicS / Student traveler
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana / Posted on June 04, 2017
  4. Amazing

    To begin with, the days were packed with activity that there was no time left for boredom. Tokyo is a great place and this was definitely a trip to remember.
    Meme / Student traveler
    Tampa, Florida / Posted on June 01, 2017
  5. New awakenings

    While I did enjoy the tour of Tokyo as it opened my eyes to a whole new world along with changing a few things I do in my day to day; I do wish I had more time to visit more of work possible places on my visit.
    TallandAbroad / Student traveler
    North Carolina / Posted on December 31, 2016

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