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26 reviewed Switzerland, Italy & the French Riviera
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  1. Life Changing Experience

    This tour was my first experience leaving the country. I was blown away by the quality of service offered by EF. Our tour guide was exceptional; words cannot explain what a wonderful job she did. Every place we visited was new and exciting. Our guide was always providing information about every portion of the tour and willing to answer any questions we may have had. I can truly say that this tour was a life changing experience. I must also say that our guide is a gem at EF.
    Boomer / Student traveler
    Cashiers, North Carolina / Posted on June 03, 2019
  2. Sights - amazing, Ef principles - meh

    All of the places we visited on the trip were amazing. Our tour guide Martina was absolutely wonderful. I loved every aspect of the trip until I found out how the tour guides are paid. I was informed that the only payment the tour guides receive is from the "voluntary tip" that is given when the trip starts. Some people on our trip didn't give the suggested amount and our tour guide ended up with very little payment. I was very disappointed because she did such a wonderful job. She went above and beyond for us and she deserved a lot more for her time than what she got. I expected such a popular program to pay their wonderful tour guides better.
    Traveler4life / Student traveler
    Paso Robles, CA / Posted on July 26, 2017
    Erin, President
    EF College Study Tours

    Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you had a great experience and a wonderful time with Martina. I am sorry to hear that you feel Martina was not compensated as she should have been. Similar to tipping staff at restaurants, tipping Tour Directors as payment is the standard, and we provide the customary amount for each program so that travelers come prepared to tip correctly. We will reach out to the Group Leaders and the Program Coordinators that worked with them for more information. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. You can call our Traveler Support Team at 877-485-4184 or email me at

  3. Had a Blast!

    It was super fun and insightful. I wish we had more time at each of the countries. The tour had a great director and a kind driver. The meals provided were great. The places that we visited were definitely worth it. I will most likely do this trip or a similar one with EF again in the future.
    imaginetacos / Student traveler
    Garden Grove, CA / Posted on June 14, 2017
  4. Another Fantastic EF Program

    This was my fourth program with EF and as usual it was amazing!! Tour Director was absolutely fantastic. Visited lots of places with very limited bus seat time. Had one very poor experience with an optional meal but EF made it right. Great itinerary and wonderful places to visit. Another winner!!! Highly recommend!!
    Maestro / Group leader
    Pittsburg, KS / Posted on July 14, 2016
  5. Great experience.

    I had a lot of fun on this tour and I would definitely sign up for another EF tour.
    jjad96 / Student traveler
    San Francisco, CA / Posted on June 30, 2016
  6. extra schedule

    it was great that the tour guide alway had some wonderful extra schedules, such as Genoa, Monaco...
    HP3girl / Student traveler
    san francisco, CA / Posted on March 28, 2016
  7. Life Changing Experience

    Would definitely tour again. Also, was inspired to become a group leader. I want to recruit other students and faculty to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.
    / Other traveler
    Panama City, FL / Posted on June 05, 2015
  8. Life Changing!

    The guide was amazing, he came out with us at night and we had a blast. The groups that joined us were fun. Most importantly, the places we went were worth every penny and it was planned out and flexible. Definitely intense, walked 8 to 12 miles a day.
    LeftmyheartinEurope / Student traveler
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Posted on June 03, 2015
  9. Awesome Trip

    All of the locations on the Switzerland, Italy, French Riviera and Paris tour were interesting, exciting and educational. One of the interesting features was the diversity of weather. On Mount Pilatus the students were able to take advantage of a snow fall and had fun throwing snow balls at each other. The train up the 6,000 ft mountain and the cable car down was exciting. A contrast to that was changing to swim suits and enjoying the Mediterranean. Of course how can you beat visiting the David Statue in Florence and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    Our tour director was the best and really paid attention to the students by providing optional excursions that enriched the tour experience.
    Juan / Group leader
    Houston, Texas / Posted on June 01, 2015
  10. Exceptional experience in the heart of Europe!

    Switzerland was beautiful--the boat ride and cog rail up Mt Pilatus was one breathtaking moment after the next. Going from Switzerland to Italy allowed the students to really experience the differences in cultures. Loved Florence--the 468 steps to the top of the Duomo are well worth the view! Southern France and Paris showed again the variation in cultures. Our guide Alex was tremendous--attentive to details, highly knowledgeable of every area, very organized, and always kept us on time/schedule. A++
    tmac / Group leader
    Dubuque, Iowa / Posted on June 01, 2015

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