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4 reviewed Intercultural Studies in South Africa
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  1. I'm Amazed

    The Intercultural tour experience in South Africa was amazing. South Africa is a beautiful country beyond imagination and we were greeted by warm and friendly people. The open jeep safari was amazing, but the children in the villages were the best part. I learned about South African culture, economy, food and politics; and encountered experiences that will last a lifetime. EF Tours really took care of us. The accommodations were excellent and the food healthy, clean, and delicious. I am planning my next tour with EF.
    Ready / Student traveler
    Raleigh, North Carolina / Posted on March 31, 2018
  2. South Africa Tour

    The tour was excellent. I enjoyed the different things we were able to do and learn. The only thing I was extremely disappointed in was the food. I was grateful that my payments included the majority of the meals but I was expecting more authentic meals. Instead we went to restaurants that had nothing to do with the culture. I was confused as to why we were eating at mediocre Greek and Italian restaurants when we were in Africa. We even ate at Wimpy's which is equivalent to a sit-down 7/11 gas station restaurant with less than appealing food. I paid for this trip myself and would have rathered paid for my own food and found my own African restaurants than pay EF to give us mediocre non-authentic food. On the days when we had free evenings and pick our own dinner/lunch, we found Africa restaurants to eat at so I know they are not difficult to find. Food is a important and large part of a country's culture so I believe eating at the restaurants we ate at decreased the educational and cultural value of the trip. The Africa Cafe and Timbavati Lodge food was fantastic but that was only about 3 dinners out of the 16 meals we had. Next time, I would appreciate more authentic food of the country I am visiting or EF can lower the price to not include food and I will find the food myself. Either one works. Also, some more free time in Johannesburg would have been greatly appreciated. I feel like I would have learned more about the culture if I had more time to explore the city and the people. Other than that the trip was wonderful!
    / Student traveler
    Posted on June 02, 2017
    Erin, President
    EF College Study Tours

    Thank you for your review of your time in South Africa. We are glad to hear that overall you had an excellent experience, and value your feedback about the meals included for your program. We strive to provide the best experience for our travelers, and your feedback helps us to continue to improve our programs. If you're interested in connecting to talk more about this, please email me at or call us at (877) 485-4184.

  3. Great experience, bad flight booking

    It was a pleasure to visit South Africa! There were so many things to see outside of the animals at Kruger National Park. I had no idea how westernized Cape Town and Johannesburg were. The greatest thing was realizing just how similar people are no matter the language or culture, we are all humans. The people in some of the villages were so prideful and happy about life. However, my trips there and back were problematic. I paid for an extra seat on all of my flights and I on multiple occasions there were issues with getting my extra seat. That was the only thing I questioned what I paid for because once in South Africa, I didn't have the extra seat I paid for. :(
    Big215 / Student traveler
    Greensboro, NC / Posted on May 31, 2017
  4. Spectacular Africa

    Our tour guide was fabulous. He was very laid back yet knowledgable. I loved the hotel in Jo'burg, and the Safari was outstanding. I would prefer not to rush as much and have more free time. Some of the excursions should be optional, and don't try to pack as much in. A full day at a Cape Town beach should be offered. Most of the food was very good, but don't offer the same meals very day, such as fish and chicken. The hotel in Capetown, The Ritz, had a terrible cockroach problem, and was not clean. I had to change rooms 3 times before I got a clean, bug-free room. Some of the students were 3 to a room but there were only 2 twin beds. 1 student had to get medical treatment, and although she had purchased the insurance, still had to pay for all medical expenses and medications out of pocket at the time. So now we wonder what would happen if someone did not have the money to pay up front, especially if there was hospitalization and high costs invovlved?
    Katwoman / Other traveler
    Sumter, SC / Posted on March 14, 2012

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