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  1. It could be better

    This tour had great potential. While no one can control the weather I believe contingency plans should be in place for rainy weather, especially if it's illegal for tour directors to give tours in this country. If day one is considered a day of travel we should be scheduled to arrive AFTER we are able to check into our rooms. My group was combined with one other group and our flights came in at different times. While we waited for the other group we did a walking tour for 2.5 hours in the pouring rain. Once the other group arrived we then walked BACK to where we had just come on said walking tour which was supposedly centrally located but it was not ideal considering where the hotel was located. It was about a 20 min walk. We went back to the location because that is where the first "welcome" dinner was located. Plaza Navona is not a meeting place that should be so popular and where we are constantly dropped of considering how far it was from our hotel. The chosen welcome dinner was disappointing. I really wish the opinions of the group leader were asked prior to deciding on the location of the welcome dinner and what was being served. Maybe provide options in advance so that the group leaders have some say in where we will be eating since it is our students' money that was paid. The hotel in Rome was nice. I think this tour would benefit from reversing the locations - fly in to Florence and out of Rome. The hotel in Florence was very centrally located but not an ideal hotel. Many people were uncomfortable with the bathroom design also. Piling 4 students into a room is a fire hazard. Cots were put into rooms designed for 2 people to accommodate a large group. A different hotel should have been considered. The bus should have had wifi (because on the side it said it was equipped with WiFi) both restaurants chosen for the welcome dinner should have had wifi as well. The students are far from home and should have access to WiFi to check in whenever possible. Oddly enough any restaurant that I chose for my dining on my own always had wifi available but the TWO chosen by EF inconveniently did NOT have WiFi. I don't believe that's just a coincidence. One of the prepaid "tours" was cancelled on our trip and our tour director tried to compensate us with "free {huge} gelato and a free leather bracelet" to collect these items we had to find the gelato (the portion was not huge) and leather places on our own and present a voucher. I do not feel this is proper compensation. Many students, including myself and other adults, didn't make it to neither the gelato nor leather places during the designated times because they had plans to do other things. I believe the students should receive a refund for that portion of the tour. A lot of money was paid for this tour overall. Also there should be a list of possible tours that can be done on the trip when a group leader is deciding on their trips and we should be able to opt in or out of specific tours that we may or may not be interested in which should regulate the price. The tours of the galleria and academia in Florence should have been optionals. Especially because we simple received tickets and had a self-guided tour once inside. When I found out one of our events were to be cancelled and what our "compensation" would be I tried to contact my tour consultant immediately to explain my unhappiness and get the situation handled while we were still in Italy, unfortunately it was a Saturday.
    Finally while there is a survey for the tour director and group leaders I believe a survey should be given to the students on how they thought their trip went as well. Overall Italy itself was a beautiful country and I'm glad I can check it off of my bucket list of travel.
    MissKrys / Group leader
    Clinton, MD / Posted on May 23, 2019
    Zeena, EF College Study Tours
    EF College Study Tours

    Thank you for sharing this feedback. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all of our travelers and are sorry to hear that the program didn't completely meet your expectations in terms of some of the restaurants, accommodations, and spotty WiFi availability across Italy. We understand that while at times authentic to the region, some of the components of the program differ from hotels/meals in the U.S., and will take your feedback into consideration for this itinerary. We appreciate you sharing it with us! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-873-2250 if you'd like to chat further.

  2. Amazing

    Loved this experience, completely life changing. Would travel again one day
    / Student traveler
    Riverview,fl / Posted on June 19, 2017
  3. Italian tour

    My favorite part of Italy was the castle I saw in Naples on the last day and eating gelato. We saw many beautiful things and the food was good. I didn't like climbing all the hills and it was a lot of walking, but it was worth it to see everything.
    / Group leader
    Ada, Oklahoma / Posted on June 02, 2017
  4. Expect to pay for unexpected activities

    I paid for my trip and everything. In addition, some individuals were forced to pay for more activities in Italy that were not included in the package. Then one of the activities that I paid for got canceled because many people did not sign up for it. I have not yet received a refund. And the last hotel we stayed in was scary looking and ugly, it looked like an orphanage. And a bat was flying outside of my window. However, the teacher who recommended us to go is such an amazing lady and all the people who showed us around Italy. I did have a great time and explored the most I could. It was a pretty good experience. But, a few things were over priced. But other than that it was a great experience.
    Nena / Student traveler
    los angeles, California / Posted on April 11, 2017
    Erin, President
    EF College Study Tours

    Hello, thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience in Rome and Florence. I am sorry to hear that there was confusion around the included activities and their costs, and your concern about the quality of the last hotel. Our team always evaluates any activities that were missed or cancelled when groups return and send applicable refunds. Based on the date you returned, you should expect to hear from one of our Traveler Support Specialists soon. Please don't hesitate to give them a call at 877-485-4184 or to email me at with any questions or to discuss your experience in more detail. Thank you for reaching out!

  5. A Once-in-a-Lifetime Study-Abroad Adventure

    We had an amazing trip that included Roman and Tuscan cuisine--Roman pizza and gelato and Florentine pesto and prosecco--and unforgettable tours of the Colosseum and Uffizi Gallery to name just two of our many destinations. Because EF College Tours had booked our tours in advance, we were on the fast track at all our tour destinations even at the Vatican where we saw long lines waiting for permission to enter. Our Tour Director and local guides provided us with information and inspiration, i.e., a new way of looking at history and culture. We brought back ideas about how to make our lives better by celebrating the arts of living as the Italians do. A truly awesome trip!
    Amore1 / Group leader
    Morgantown, West Virginia / Posted on March 13, 2017
  6. It Was Okay

    I wanted to go on this trip because I traveled with EF last year and wanted to go again this year. Italy is an old country, and old isn't quite my thing. However, there were some beautiful spots along the way, such as Florence and Capri. Pompeii wasn't what I was expecting, but it was a life long dream to go there, and I got to cross that off my bucket list. It was very windy, and sometimes rainy, for most of the trip, which dampened the experience a little bit. I believe that if I had gone at a different time of the year, my experience may have been a bit more enjoyable.
    Chica / Student traveler
    Timberville, VA / Posted on March 16, 2016
  7. Small Tour - Grand Experience

    The Italian Rome and Florence Tour was a great introduction to all Italy has to offer. Our tour coordinator in Boston and our tour director in Italy worked with us to see the we covered our specific interests in art and architecture. In Rome, on our first full day, we visited the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica and spent some free time in the lovely Villa Borghese Park. On our second day, we visited the Roman Archeological sites of the Colosseum and the Republican Forum. The enthusiasm of the tour guide was contagious and very informative. Free optional time was spent visiting the Capitoline Museum, the Largo di Torre Argentina, the Pantheon and other sites depending on the interests of students and teachers. On the third day of touring we took a bus to Florence. We were introduced to the city from Piazzale Michelangelo and a panoramic view of the old city. Our tour guide through the old Florence pointed out many points of interest not found in tour books. He made the Duomo come alive. Walking through Florence was truly enjoyable and seeing the “David” at Galleria dell'Accademia and the “Birth of Venus” at Galleria degli Uffizi were the highlights for Florence. Then our extended itinerary took us to Pompeii and Capri. The archaeological site of Pompeii gives the best insight into the building and urban design of the Ancient Romans. Capri was a nice end to the trip. Compact with beautiful views, one can see why Capri has been a luxury play ground for the glitterati since the time of Augustus and Tiberius.
    MKH2015 / Group leader
    St. Louis, MO / Posted on June 30, 2015
  8. Best Tour Yet

    This was my 3rd tour through EF and was easily my favorite. It had the perfect blend of having organized tours around the cities with free time to explore the cities on our own. The cities are amazing and have plenty to offer in the way of museums or sights to see in the free time offered which is pretty much almost all day after the scheduled tour in both cities.
    hheas / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on June 02, 2015
  9. Bella Italia

    The tour was well organized and our guide made sure that everything went according to plan. He was unfailingly pleasant, courteous, had a good sense of humor. He had a good rapport with the students on the tour. This was a tour focused on art history, and I personally learned a lot. Italy is a beautiful country and our bus ride allowed us to see a lot of the countryside. The bus driver had an amazing skill to drive that big bus through the narrow city streets at our destination cities.
    / Other traveler
    Evansville, IN / Posted on May 29, 2015
  10. Enlightening

    This was an incredibly eye opening experience. The Tour Director was fantastic and melded perfectly with our group. Offered suggestions for additional excursions where he thought it would be appropriate. Gave us a real experience in Italy.
    Only gripe would be the fact that I was not placed appropriately with an age group. I'm younger than 30 but am much closer to that age group than the girls I was with and feel like it should have been an option to be roomed with someone closer to my age.
    / Student traveler
    Altamonte Springs, FL / Posted on June 04, 2014

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