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  1. Excellent Educational Experince

    I loved the free time because it allowed us to explore museums in London and Paris. We were able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. Excellent educational experience.
    / Group leader
    Reading, PA / Posted on June 12, 2017
  2. Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    This trip was absolutely phenomenal in many ways. It as my first time flying and experiencing 95% of the things I did. Overall it was a great experience, however I just want to review the things that weren't good. In London, Paris, and Rome the food options were really basic and distasteful for myself and many people in my group. I wish we could've had a more vibrant food option that better reflects the culture and whats popular in the city that we are. Also, the Ibis Styles Hotel in London and the Hotel HHB in Florence provided terrible customer service to all of us during our time their. Either there was no AC for the complete stay or there was an issue with mold and mildew in the shower or there was no internet connection even though they said there was. Nevertheless the hotel employee's didn't try to provide the best service to us at all. Depite all of this, I had an amazing experience and I wouldn't change a thing.
    AmazingAndAwful123 / Student traveler
    Miami, FL / Posted on June 04, 2017
    Erin, President
    EF College Study Tours

    Thank you for your review. We are glad to hear that you had a great time in London, Paris, Florence and Rome, and value your feedback regarding local meals and hotels. We strive to provide the best experience for all of our travelers, and your feedback helps us to continue to improve. We'd love to hear more to ensure that our travelers all have a great time abroad. If you'd like to connect, please email me at or call us at (877) 485-4184.

  3. Incredible journey!

    Incredible journey of Western Europe! Educational & cultural value is priceless, highly recommended!
    Michael / Group leader
    Sarasota, FL / Posted on May 30, 2017
  4. Wonderful tour

    This was a great tour. The tour guide was great and was very informative. She gave great ideas of what to do with free time. She always made sure that all questions were answered, directions given and kept us informed about the schedule.

    You saw several sites in all the cities we visited. Became somewhat aware of the culture of the people and the land--what you could for 2 or 3 days in each city. The local guides were also very good.

    It was great to see all the sites, but the transportation was all set up, the trip was well organized and you never felt 'alone' or 'fearful' at any point in the trip. Yet you had free time to see sites that you might want to see that were not on the tour. Again, our guide made sure we knew how to get there, was informed about the transportation systems in each city and could offer good guidance for you to go off on your own.

    It was just awesome....and I'd encourage anyone who wants to go abroad to use this venue as a way to get the experience.
    KJSTexas / Other traveler
    Posted on June 06, 2016
  5. Great tour of Western Europe!

    Our EF Tour Director was fantastic, very organized and knew the locations well! She handled our group of 40+ extremely well. We had to rush through the cities, but we did see almost everything, which was amazing. This is not a tour for the faint of heart, I would say. Although we had plenty of free time to see what we did not already see through guided tours. Those are times where you do have the option to go back to the hotel and rest, but we never did.
    I highly recommend the extension to Pompeii and Capri. This was a chance for us to slow down and really see a different side of Europe. Less of a busy schedule and man-made monuments, and more of a slow schedule and tropical, natural beauty. It was wonderful!
    / Student traveler
    York, NE / Posted on June 06, 2016
  6. Amazing Educational Trip

    This trip was an amazing educational trip. We visited 3 countries and we have learned about their history, culture, art, architecture; we taste their food and transportation; we met amazing people, and more. We will never forget this exceptional trip experience.
    Meche / Group leader
    Tustin, California / Posted on January 11, 2016
  7. Amazing Experience

    I really love the experience of this tour. The hotels are goods. The food are good too. Tours guide know about what they talk about. I just a little bit disappointed about lunch sometime we take it to late. But beside that the experience and treat WAS AMAZING!!!
    / Student traveler
    Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico / Posted on October 08, 2015

    I recommend this trip to all students who have the feelings to know a new country. You walk a lot and need and excellent physical condition. Be prepare to a lot of hours of experience and new things.
    Khloe / Student traveler
    puerto rico / Posted on June 13, 2015
  9. Trip of a lifetime!

    This trip was amazing and our tour guide was awesome. I love how everyone was able to get along and our tour director was great at telling us information we needed to know.
    The problems were that we were always walking the farthest distance with our luggage which took up too much time that we could have been exploring each new place. Second we had an older group of people with us that were constantly getting lost and were very slow so we had to keep stopping and waiting for them as well as listening to them gripe the whole time. The lack of time to do things on our own was also upsetting because by the time we were given free time most of the stores in the areas we were in were closed. We all would have liked more of a say on what our experience was if we wanted more free time or time at the beach we were told no. I really loved the experience I had on this trip but I wish for the money I spent we had better hotels and more time to make the choices I wanted to to make my experience the most full filling of all. For most of us we will never get an experience like this again. Instead of waiting on a slower group that wasn't even a college age group and being stuck in traffic on bus tours we could have done so much more since most of us will never have a chance to go back to any of these places.
    sprttgrl26 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 04, 2015
  10. Remarkably packed with great moments!

    There are so many positives about the London, Paris, Florence, Rome trip! The incredibly well organized logistics mean that the time in each city is really maximized permitting the group to visit notable sites rather than standing in lines, getting lost, or getting misinformation.
    Tour guides give excellent historical information and tailor the visits to sites for our interests.
    A great value for the money. I don't think travelers could do this for less on their own and include all that the tour does.
    NICCteach / Other traveler
    Dubuque, Iowa / Posted on June 02, 2015

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