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  1. Great

    Tour Guide Monika T did an incredible job, dealt with any difficulties or complications admirably and was very easy to talk to.
    Julio / Student traveler
    Brandon, Mississippi / Posted on June 15, 2018
  2. Experience of a Lifetime

    The "Holocaust in Europe" trip was truly an experience of a lifetime. We visited important sites and were met each time with expert guides who literally walked us through history. Guides were amazing each time but our group guide was especially wonderful. I would request her again and again for a trip. Our students would say they particularly connected when we visited Auschwitz but the timing of that visit was perfectly coordinated with a great deal of preparatory work. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in this pivotal time in history. In addition to the relevant and important tours, we also had a great deal of fun and just the right mix of guided time and free time--excellent organization and just superb overall.
    Kaye / Group leader
    Maceo, Kentucky / Posted on May 31, 2018
  3. Unforgettable Adventure

    This was my first time going through EF College Study tour and overall it was a great experience! There were a few ups and downs throughout the trip. The hotel rooms were somewhat small, but they were accommodating as you were not in them much anyways. The tour each day was well put together other than the fact our tour guide failed to check the details about some of the museums we went too. We ended up trying to go to a museum that was closed that day and a museum he was going to make us pay for, but I caught it quickly that it was free that day we went. He told us that he doesn't check every museum prices and days everyday, but that is what we he is technically hired for is to check those kind of things. Another addition to that is it was a little disappointing he only spoke German which was okay until we got into Poland and the Czech Republic where it was almost useless to have a guide that couldn't speak the language. Anyways, some positive aspects to this trip was some of the neat places we got to visit. We visited the Auschwitz concentration camps which really put into perspective what the Jews went through during the Holocaust. It was by far my favorite day of the trip because of the in person experience of actually being in the buildings and grounds. Another great part of the trip was visiting all of the old markets in Poland. They all had unique perks to them such as admiring all of the unique architecture and fun activities such as riding segways around town which if you have time I would strongly recommend! I saw a lot more of the city taking part in that activity! EF tours overall planned a very well rounded trip and I'm already looking into another trip I can go through them. They provide very reasonable trips especially for people like me who are still in college!
    MCtourist / Student traveler
    Kearney, Nebraska / Posted on June 02, 2016
  4. My comments

    The "tour" of the Holocaust Museum in Auschwitz was much too hurried - the museum guides were more intent on getting us to see a movie on time than getting us information in the museum.
    Tour director
    and EF did an excellent job of getting bus transportation for Berlin to Warsaw in lieu of rail when there was an unexpected rail workers strike.
    All other aspects were good to excellent.
    Freddy / Other traveler
    West Des Moines Iowa / Posted on June 03, 2015
  5. Life Changing!

    Absolutley a mind blowing experience from start to finish. The educational content helped build up to the last final couple days. I left with a perspective changing experience that I will always remember.
    Johnny / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on March 13, 2012
  6. Experience of a lifetime!

    I was amazed and honored to have visited the places we traveled on the tour. Being able to cover three countries on such a deep subject opened my eyes to much more than what I would learn in a classroom. From the time I stepped off the plane, to the time I left to return home I learned and that I truly enjoyed.
    In terms of something that what difficult for me was the amount of fast paced walking. It is a lot of walking, but to great places.
    I wouldn't give the experience up for anything, and would reccomend the tour and company to anyone interested!!
    AJade / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on March 13, 2012
  7. Holocaust Trip

    This tour was very emotional. There is a lot of walking involved as well. I am very glad that I went on this tour, but many of the places I would only want to go to once and never go back (i.e. Auschwitz).
    Whatsername86 / Student traveler
    Posted on March 13, 2012
  8. Great guided tour

    Subject was very well covered in short span of time. EF College Tour guide was wonderful-attentive, fantastic personality and very knowledgeable. Could use better guides in Warsaw and at Auschwitz. All others were outstanding. Would pay more for better accommodations and food. Should stress that this is definitely for people in good physical condition that don't mind a fast pace. The timing of connecting flights were poor- 6hr. lay over in Amsterdam and barely made our connection to St. Louis from Atlanta, running all the way to make the connection even though the Atlanta flight had arrived on time.
    peppi / Other traveler
    St. Louis, MO / Posted on January 09, 2012
  9. Wow...

    I led a group of Oklahoma college students on a consolidated tour through EF College Study Tours. One of the most enjoyable parts of the program was getting to interact with the faculty and students from another college.

    The entire tour was amazing...of my 10+ EF tours this one was by far the most educational, academically and culturally. I cannot say enough about my EF Tour Director who made learning easy, fun and frequent. We added a lot from the Cold War Era which with this program was easily done. The different countries and destinations really brought some diversity to the trip and we really got the chance to immerse ourselves in the dynamics of Eastern Europe. This trip is a GREAT value and top-rate educationally as well.
    globalokie / Group leader
    Stillwater, OK / Posted on August 04, 2011
  10. Experience of a lifetime

    This trip was phenomenal! From Berlin all the way to Prague, I had an amazing time and never stopped learning. Everywhere we went regardless of museums, churches, town squares, there was always something new and interesting to learn about each city. Probably the only thing I did not like about the tour would be the length that we got to spend in each city. I could have spent weeks in each city and still probably not seen everything that I would have liked. Also, my tour was in 2011 not 2010. The site didn't give me the option for 2011.
    Kman / Student traveler
    St. Louis, MO / Posted on January 30, 2011

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