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  1. Greece - what a treasure!

    I had a wonderful time in Greece and with my tour mates! Our tour director, Sue, made all of our experiences unforgettable and I would recommend her to everyone that wants to experience Greece!
    KellyY / Other traveler
    Land O’Lakes, FL / Posted on July 04, 2018
  2. Trip of a lifetime!

    This was an amazing adventure and the tour guides were not only there to lead the tour but I think we all made some amazing new friends.
    Kary / Student traveler
    Seven Points, TX / Posted on June 11, 2017
  3. Mind blowing adventure

    This was my second tour using EF college study tours. The first trip was Irish Heritage tour, it was great. I did not think anything would top that 8 day tour. I was wrong. Greece totally rocked my would.
    I liked the trip for many reasons. First of all there a lot of free time to do my own exploring and touring. I used different resources for extra fun. This helped out a lot to see what areas offered what to enhance my experiences. It was not necessary. Ef was able cram alot of stuff in.
    My favorite part of the whole tripe was the Greek people's hospitality. I also enjoyed the many tour guides we had including our man one. He's a slap happy British bloke that loves his microphone. He was very knowledgeable and lives in Crete. Full of useful information and told told stories and mythology well even with amusing tweaks. He is a good guy and wants to guide you to a world you may have never experienced before. As for the Greek people they were superb. A lot nicer and friendlier than I expected even in Athens.No where in the United States I have such kindness to a foreigner Like I did all over Greece.
    Next thing I enjoyed was the overall experience of the Cruise ships. I have never been one one before but it was awesome fun while traveling to island to island. My group saw 9 islands in 5 days in a row. No more than 3 in one days, I get to that later. There was two ships one for the Saronic Islands of Greece day cruise and the bigger one with other for the overnight traveling to island further apart. The food was good, the drinks were decent and lots of activities if you got tired of laying out by the pools or wanted to be social at night.
    I like all the islands and the extra excursions ef and the cruise boat offered. It seemed every island had there own museum. I learned and received more information than I knew what to do with.
    every place we stopped island or mainland there was something i liked and was very interesting. From Athens, to Delphi, to the Parthenon and its museum, Day cruise, the foods, the Peloponnese peninsula and so much more.
    Though the trip was great there was several things i didn't like, whether it was EFs control or not, I did not like the how we received a lot of the same foods at group meals. I cant remember the names but i know we had one kind of meal 3 times it seemed and another twice. I would rather taken my time and found more of a diversity of cultural food myself for the group. Also add, especially break fast there was too much breads and grains. It was mostly was the hotels control on that and culture but a lot of "Continental" breakfast were good but it got a lil mater what filled up on everything to last me through the day. I do appreciate the choices, however. Greek honey is the best!
    The next thing I didn't like there was a lot of one night stand and very little time one the last set of island some times only our to enjoy it.. some of the tour felt rushed. though was a lot to see I could have done with out a lesser island to just catch my breath and realize what was around me or do the same cruise and add a day or two. some of the group wanted to stay overnight on a beach island hotel like we did Tolo. Though that hotel was a little buggy. with gnats or some thing
    Speaking of which most of the hotel mattresses were not that conformable and were thin. I gave a disability and when i turned over my bad side would go a to sleep before i did . It may be just the difference between American plush and Greeks necessities. Also the hotels were not smoke free rooms. Some rooms reeked og cigarettes even after they were aired out. Most rooms were air controlled though it seemed it didn't mater what you set it to.(Plushy american idea)
    Over all the trip was great and the scenery was unbelievable . Its hard to go over everything. I am Already signed up for the 3rd. EF College Study Tour in Spain! I cant wait.
    I do suggest Keep the trend of more leisure time going
    I also like to add there should have been a cultural dance food and music night. Things to make you feel like your actually apart of the culture not just observing it.
    Knossosss way amzing and so was Rhodes
    Rookie / Student traveler
    Wilmington NC / Posted on June 07, 2017
  4. Awesome

    This was my first tour with EF as a group leader and it was amazing. I set up this program to have students experience another culture and to open their eyes to the global world that we live in and EF came through. By the end of the tour, my students were excited to be in Greece and did not want to go home.

    Our tour director was amazing and I believe what made the experience so enjoyable. She always had a smile and easily got along with everyone in the group. In addition, I was amazed at the amount of energy that she displayed every day.

    Hotels, food, and people were all great in the country. For those planning on this tour, I highly recommend that you do the archeological museum on the last day that you are there. It made everything real by visiting the sites and then seeing all the artifacts in the museum.

    My only complaint was dealing with tips. This was the case for the other group leader on the trip with us. Tips were a real nightmare and I wish EF could make it easier to deal with this.

    Overall, this was a great first experience and am looking forward to doing more trips.
    NewGroupLeader / Group leader
    Athens, TX / Posted on May 30, 2017
  5. Greece was amazing!

    After years of teaching about Greece to be standing inside the tomb of Agamemnon was a profound moment for a few of us in the group. Our Tour Director was great - related well to the students as well as faculty, adjusted a few things as needed, and had a great sense of humor! A special experience was being gifted oranges picked right from the orange groves!
    / Group leader
    Malone, NY / Posted on July 11, 2016
  6. good not great

    overall, well organized and thoughtful. The leaders were helpful and responsive.The faculty were an underused resource. The cruise portion ended up with too much free time devoted to shopping areas
    abbott / Other traveler
    Frederick, MD / Posted on June 20, 2016
  7. Wishing for More

    I can't praise our EF tour guides enough. Our arrival and departure separately from the main group were taken care of, and the guides were unfailingly attentive to our comfort and safety. Since this was a study tour with no less than 5 university professors along, I was somewhat disappointed in the overall educational level. Local guides were used primarily, and while much of their information was instructive and often excellent, there were some inaccuracies, and I wonder why the expertise of the academics in our group was not taken advantage of more. A real disappointment was an excursion to a scenic/shopping site on an island while a site of tremendous archeological significance was not an option. For an education first tour, the balance of entertainment versus education tilted too much toward entertainment.
    / Parent
    Frederick, MD / Posted on June 08, 2016
  8. Greece

    I would highly recommend traveling to Greece. The art, the history, and the culture are encompassed on this magnificent Mediterranean peninsula and its surrounding islands!
    Shadow / Other traveler
    Jackson Mississippi / Posted on May 30, 2016
  9. Amazing!

    The stay in Greece was great and our Tour Leader, Vasilis, was exceptional. We had a great variety of local food, the historical sites (which no tour, in my opinion, can match!) Students had a great time - you did not disappoint! I can't wait to go back!
    / Group leader
    Malone, NY / Posted on May 29, 2016
  10. First International Travel

    This was the first time that I had ever been on international travel and the tour was amazing. Greece was everything I expected to be and more. On our way in we missed our flight due to an air worker strike in Pairs and we had to stay the night in France. Delta got us all a room, and EF got us a tour guide for the day; I was so impressed with how quickly they did that! Then when we got to Greece our tour director worked very hard to get us to all of our sights, and I really felt like he cared about us having a good experience! So yes I'm very happy with the company and very happy with the tour; I can't wait for my first opportunity to go back!
    Cat21 / Student traveler
    Russellville, Arkansas / Posted on April 03, 2016

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