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  1. Great Experience!

    Overall, this was an excellent tour. It was my first time in Europe proper and I did enjoy the tour as much as my students who traveled with me. Tour director and guides were helpful and accommodating. The educational component was good and complemented our curriculum very well. Students feedback were positive!
    EU2018 / Group leader
    Virginia / Posted on June 13, 2018
  2. Fantastic

    This was a trip of a lifetime! We had an amazing tour director who kept us grounded, informed, happy and on schedule. I can't believe how much we did - from standing in the European Parliament and tasting world-class chocolate in Brussels, to visiting the International Criminal Court and wading in the North Sea in The Hague, to seeing the Anne Frank House and taking a dinner cruise in Amsterdam, to watching a murder trial and dancing in a club in London. We had time to explore London and Amsterdam on our own - and walked from 6-10 miles a day. The only down-side was that our accommodations were simple and tight, but we simply viewed our rooms as a place to crash before our next adventure. Our hotel in Brussels was also out of town. Everyone came back changed for the better.
    HappyCamper23 / Group leader
    Mankato, MN / Posted on June 12, 2018
  3. My Trip Experience

    This was my first time traveling outside of North America, and overall it was a fantastic experience. However, there were some aspects that could have been better. The four female students in our group were all given the same hotel room, which was not meant for four people. Two of them had to sleep on cots, one of which was broken, and little was done to fix the situation. Our tour guide was not very helpful throughout the duration of the trip. Although we had paid for a 24/7 tour guide, we probably spent more time on our own than with him, which was often his choice and not ours. I understand that he isn't going to be with us every minute of every day, but he should have at least been available to show us around the cities during our free time when we needed assistance. He also did not seem to have too much knowledge of the cities, getting lost multiple times, including the European Commission, at which we missed our tour and a portion of our lecture. He would also tell us that certain attractions that we were interested in were "not really worth it" and "overrated", without giving us viable alternatives to do instead. When he would give us free time, we simply visited these places on our own, including the London Eye and the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, and many of these activities turned out to be highlights of the trip for many of us. When our tour guide did set up a time to meet us, he would constantly show up late. One morning we were told to wake up and be done with breakfast by 8:00 so we could leave for the Anne Frank House, but our tour guide didn't show up until 8:30, claiming we all had the wrong time, even though every member of our group and our bus driver knew that the meeting time was 8:00. Near the end of the trip, he seemed to make every attempt to spend as little time as possible around us. For our last dinner, he sat at a different table, concealed by a large pole, presumably because he didn't want us to notice him eating turkey with a beer. He had informed us previously that he was a vegetarian who "hasn't had a drink in five years". On another note, whenever we had a dinner that was included with our program price, he would order our food for us, rather than letting us order our own choice of meal. Despite these issues, I did enjoy my time in Europe. I got to experience a wide range of places and cultures, and our professor did an outstanding job in helping us out during the trip and making the experience worthwhile. It was certainly a time I will never forget.
    EuroTraveler / Student traveler
    New City, NY / Posted on March 30, 2016
    EF College Study Tours

    Hello! We're sorry to hear that there were some issues with your Tour Director and the unfortunate rooming situation for your fellow travelers while you were traveling abroad in Europe. Our mission, at EF College Study Tours, is to provide the best possible short term study abroad experience for students, educators and parents alike. We understand that issues may occur and would love to talk to you about your experiences abroad. You can reach us at 877-485-4184 or email at [email protected] - Joanna, President of EF College Study Tours

  4. Good Experience

    Overall it was an OK experience. However there were a couple of hiccups.The first day in London was pretty bad when it came to the girls room. They packed four girls in a room meant for two with two twin beds and two cots. It is a little unfair for two of the girls to have to sleep on a cot when we all paid the same price and one of them was broken. We told our tour guide about the problem and his response was that Americans have to high of expectations. Our tour guide was not very good when it came to being a tour guide. We were told we would have a tour guide with us 24/7 and it was not the case. This guy would disappear for hours, we would have free time for a whole day. The free time was not a problem but you would think he would advice us on things to do but no. We also found that he was a little rude, He did not want to sit at our table on our last dinner in Brussels instead he sat by himself. He just did not seem interested in the job at all.
    / Student traveler
    Haverstraw, NY / Posted on March 25, 2016
    EF College Study Tours

    Hi there, We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding your program in Europe. We're sorry to hear that there were issues with your Tour Director and that several of your fellow travelers had a negative experience with rooming while in London. At EF College Study Tours, we always strive to provide the best experience for our travelers at a great value. We would love to connect with you to talk about your concerns and your experience as a whole. Please feel free to give us a call at 877-485-4184 or email at [email protected] - Joanna, President of EF College Study Tours

  5. Trip of a Lifetime

    This trip truly exceeded my expectations! The free time in London was my favorite part; I have memories I will always cherish and never forget! My roommate has become one of my best friends, and she and I had an absolutely wonderful experience in Europe.
    Lyndsey / Student traveler
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on January 12, 2015
  6. Could be better

    The overall tour was good, but it was the minor things that were poor. the hotels in both amsterdam and brussels could have been closer to transportation like in london. it have been nice to have our hotel more central in every country. transportation in Brussels and Amsterdam was not included causing us to have to pay more money, which we did not want to do. would have been nicer if we had more dinners and lunches included. EVERY sightseeing tour was done on the bus. 90% of my pictures are through a bus window. The experience was great, but again the attention to detail was not. Paying for transportation was the worst part besides london. this caused us not to do a lot in amsterdam or Brussels.
    euroguy13 / Student traveler
    washington dc / Posted on June 02, 2014
  7. My Experience

    Overall the experience was very good, and we got to see many different things. I was disappointed in our tour leader. She was very nice but consistently got lost and cost us the opportunity to see Parliament in London, which is something the students had paid for on the trip. She rarely seemed to know where we were going and even walked students out in front of traffic on a couple of occasions. Again, she was very nice and helpful in many ways but it was difficult when our tour leader continually got lost in nearly every city we were in. What we did see was magnificent and the flight, hotel and travel process was very simple. I would definitely recommend an EF tour in the future.
    Dude / Other traveler
    Fargo, ND / Posted on May 28, 2014

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