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  1. Great experience

    Loved the tour leader, what a great experience, totally loved Finland and Sweden
    mpuff / Student traveler
    nj / Posted on April 27, 2015
  2. Wonderful Opportunity!

    I went with my graduate program recently and had an amazing time! Not only that but EF Tours was there every step of the way making sure that each person had what they needed not only before the tour but also during. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
    JMs14 / Student traveler
    Posted on April 06, 2015
  3. Fabulous Trip

    This trip was absolutely amazing. Being able to experience the teaching styles and methods in Finland and Sweden was eye-opening and provided me with information I could bring home to the States in the interest of making education better for children here. The sight-seeing and guided tours was just a big bonus to the core purpose of the trip. Everything was fabulous and amazing and I had a great time!
    jrebj00 / Student traveler
    Sparta, MI / Posted on March 30, 2015
  4. Limited content

    The trip was a good one, but there were many ways it could be better. It was a real problem that we didn't have seat assignments in advance. There wasn't enough time between our return flights at Heathrow and because we didn't have seats we were running through the airport unsure if we'd get on the flight or not. The hotels and ferry accommodations could be improved without adding much expense. We were far out of town in Stockholm, which made travel in and out challenging. (It also didn't have a restaurant, so there was no where to eat out there.) The students would have been happy to pay more and stay in a place in town. Then, they would save on cabs and apply that money to the hotel rooms. They also would have been happy to pay more to upgrade their accommodations on the ferry. Letting students decide on upgrades would allow those who chose to upgrade that option. Also, we weren't able to check in to our flights in advance. This added to the stress of the trip and made us get to the airport extremely early on both ends. The educational content was limited. Not all the speakers were good or the information relevant. (The added event that was not part of the EF itinerary was the most content-rich session of the trip.) It was also a big group, which made movement a bit challenging at points. That said, the students enjoyed their time abroad. The city tours were great. The order of starting in Helsinki was good. The group meals were good. The level of hotel accommodations were good. They would have been perfect if closer into town, particularly in Stockholm.
    TXLeader1 / Group leader
    Texas / Posted on March 19, 2017
    Erin, President of EF College Study Tours
    EF College Study Tours

    Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about your flight itinerary, hotel locations and the educational content of your program. We are happy to hear that your students had an overall positive experience. That being said, we are always looking to improve and very much value your feedback. It looks like you were able to connect with your Program Coordinator to share more about your experience. If anything additional comes up that you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-485-4184 or to email us at

  5. Was Expecting Better

    Finland and Sweden were amazing and I'm glad I had this experience. However, I was unhappy with the tour director. I was not expecting to have so much free time. None of the days followed the itinerary. I was disappointed that the tour guide was neither from the countries nor spoke any of the languages. By the end of the trip I honestly felt that there was no need for the tour director to be there as my group had basically done everything ourselves. The other tour guides in Finland and Sweden were great and I really enjoyed those two tours. However, I felt that I missed a lot of sights due to the different schedule. Overall, I had an amazing experience, but I would not recommend that tour to a friend due to the tour director and the unexpected itinerary. I was shocked to learn that the tour director had gone to Finland and Sweden many times before as it seemed that she did not know much about either country. I also thought it was strange that the Ex-Minister of Education that we talked to had only been minister for 3 years and was not a good source of information about the Finnish Educational system. But, I have to say, my favorite experience was the trip to the Finnish school. That was an unbelievable opportunity and I was most impressed with that part of the trip.
    EMNO / Student traveler
    Berlin, New Jersey / Posted on May 31, 2015
  6. Sauna anyone!

    This was an amazing tour!!! My favorite part of the tour was Finland! i loved learning about the education system. I liked that we were right in the city of Helsinki and i really liked our hotel sauna. I loved being able to walk about and how safe and clean the city is. I loved the visit to the prison and learning about how low their re-incarseration rate is. I wish i was able to learn more about their social service approaches to education and the mentally ill population. I admired how informed the teachers and tour guides were. I loved our tour guide! she was amazing! I liked that the school teachers and principal at the school we visited were open to answering our questions to the best of their knowledge. A tour bus was not completely necessary in Finland but it was comforting to know we had it. I really enjoyed the leisure time we had while in Finland as well. The Ferry trip was an experience. The rooms were rather small but i'm glad it was only for a night. I loved the pictures we were able to take from the ship the view was amazing. However flying to Sweden and getting an additional day or a few more hours in Sweden would've been great. I really liked Sweden i loved learning about the history and how prideful the swedes were. our tour guide was humorous and well informed on her Swedish history. I liked that we had leisure time as well and i was able to visit some museums and walked all over Stockholm. my biggest wish is that we had more time in Stockholm. The tour in all was an amazing oe and i would not have trade it for the world. Our tour guide and group leader worked well together and they helped to ensure that the trip was as smooth and fulfilling as possible. I look forward to getting back into a Finnish Sauna very soon. I left this tour wondering which pieces to the puzzle is America missing the Fins and Swedes seem to have a lot downpacked. I love culture, i love, education, and i love experiencing new things and this tour was all that and more.
    / Student traveler
    Philadelphia, PA / Posted on May 27, 2015
  7. cruising the baltic was the best

    There is never enough time to see all and do all. I am grateful for all that we did but I wish the guide of our tour was a local of either Finland or Sweden. Every local tour guide had vast information and if our group tour guide was a local I am sure that we may have done more. I am very happy that we visited the Univ. of Helsinki Library and the Helsinki Prison. Both places offered information to me that was good to learn about and tell others about.
    The overnight cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm was definitely worth doing.
    This was my 2nd EF Tour and maybe I will do another one someday. It is a great way to see and learn something in a short time.
    librarylady / Other traveler
    Philadelphia, PA / Posted on March 18, 2015

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