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20 reviewed Urban Environments & Culture in Eastern Europe
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  1. Once in A Lifetime Opportunity!

    This trip exceeded expectations. The in-class preparation came to life the minute we started our tour. Going through the cities, and the different sites we visited, gave both an emotional and fun-filled trip. Our more somber moments, where we were able to reflect at certain sites, like Auschwitz, made us stronger people. Other moments, like sharing the local cuisines with friends, added to the excitement of the trip. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely go on this trip again!
    NickVD / Student traveler
    Long Branch, New Jersey / Posted on June 08, 2017
  2. Amazing Experience

    This trip was beyond my expectations. What a great job everyone does. Keep it up!
    EveRen / Student traveler
    Shafer, MN / Posted on October 20, 2016
  3. WOW!

    EF's Eastern Europe trip is phenomenal! Our tour director was very knowledgeable and provided great insight and tips for each of the locations we stayed in. Plus the destinations were simply beautiful!
    travel16 / Student traveler
    Posted on August 09, 2015
  4. Amazing Experience

    Wonderful Tour leader!!! Very helpful. All recommendations were spot on. All details taken care of. Friendly people. Details given on places visited that would not have normally been known.
    RPCV / Group leader
    McHenry, Maryland / Posted on May 30, 2014
  5. awesome

    This was such a great experience--the cities were beautiful, the tour guide was awesome. He was reliable, friendly, sweet, knowledgeable, flexible. The accommodations were 4/5, the food was excellent, even for a gluten-free vegetarian and for my husband a meat-a-tarian. Wouldn't change it for the world!
    crickrhet / Other traveler
    Fort Wayne, Indiana / Posted on April 01, 2013
  6. Love this trip!

    I loved everything about this tour! Our tour director and guides were wonderful! I can't think of a single complaint.
    Taryn / Student traveler
    Marion, Ohio / Posted on April 10, 2012
  7. Historical experience

    It was an amazing experience.The places were full of history and culture. The tour director was amazing!!
    Rosa / Group leader
    San Juan, Puerto Rico / Posted on July 04, 2011
  8. Eastern Europe Holocaust Customized

    This tour was great and covered a great deal of ground. Our particular tour was customized by each of the several smaller groups which combined to form the larger group. In some cases, this provided opportunities to participate in smaller excursions each professor might not have known about but knowing ahead of time would have been even better! We visited Auschwitz and were able to go inside the Schindler Factory Tour (thankfully--great general tour with some mention of Schindler but great with a guide). Great tour with lots of time for options but do wish I'd known more about the options others had planned ahead of time.
    Kaye / Group leader
    Maceo, Kentucky / Posted on May 31, 2019
  9. Red33 / Other traveler
    Posted on July 01, 2018
  10. First Time Travels!

    I really enjoyed this experience, visiting those countries was a once and a lifetime experience. Seeing the beautiful Eastern European city's, trying their traditional dinners and learning new things is something I will never forget.
    I would love to go back one day and ,see everything in the summer fully bloomed!
    Mandee / Student traveler
    Haledon, NJ / Posted on January 20, 2018

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