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  1. Non- Stop Cultural Immersion-

    The tour was well put together, very engaging and so intensely enriching.

    The Great Wall was breathtaking and a highlight of the trip! The food journey was exciting, especially having the opportunity to find your own food, we had the opportunity to try some great and interesting food.

    All of our tour guides were very knowledgeable and personable and answered the many questions of the delegation easily.
    Kira / Other traveler
    Washington, DC / Posted on September 07, 2018
  2. Good Experience

    This trip was quite interesting. To me the most important factor that made the trip beneficial was the Tour Director (TD). He was very informative, knowledgeable about the history of China and able to put into proper perspective in world affairs. He was also a patient and a very genuine kindhearted fellow.

    I have been an avid reader of history, but nothing one has ever read or seen in a movie can prepare one for the magnificence of the great wall of China, the opulence of the Forbidden City, the crazy pace of urban development in cities like Xian, or the friendliness of the Chinese people.
    Grego / Student traveler
    Hammond, IN / Posted on March 05, 2015
  3. China for Beginners

    Overall the trip was amazing and it just got better and better. The history of Beijing was interesting but I did not care much for the city; it was very spread out and hot and smoggy. The Great Wall was an experience though. The weather improved and Xian was truely amazing; biking on the wall and seeing the Terra Cotta warriors in the excavation pit and museum. Shopping in Xian at the Muslim bizarre was a unique experience. Shanghai was great-a real urban experience, upbeat, modern, and lively. The clubs were fun, the music plentiful. Shopping was good too. Finally, Hong Kong was the best. It rained alot but the city was exciting, the food and shoppping good, lots of sights like the Great Budda and the cable car ride were lots of fun.

    If I had any suggestions, I would say one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon is about the right activity level, or perhaps some optional excursions could make the experience a bit better. A bit of built in free time would have been nice. By dinner time we were exhausted.

    EF tour leader was fun and knowledgeable.
    Fuggie / Student traveler
    Washington, D.C. / Posted on July 18, 2013
  4. Beyong Amazing!

    This was one of the best tours I have had in my lifetime. It was amazing to see the real China. They did not sugar coat anything. What we saw was mostly how China really is. I loved every minute of it! The only thing that sucks is getting up early, haha. But other than that, everything is perfect.
    PandaMan / Student traveler
    Ewing, New Jersey / Posted on March 20, 2012
  5. just great

    My daughter went to China not expecting the experience she received. She is now minoring in China studies, which she never would have done without going there and meeting the people and of course the teachers that went with her. Because of this trip and all the kids loving the experience it is now a minor in her school.
    deedee / Parent
    Landing, New Jersey / Posted on November 17, 2010
  6. Extraordinary China

    This tour to China was really mind expanding for me and my students! And I've live abroad for over 15 years! We learned so much, from viewing the Terra Cotta Warriors to spending time in a middle school teachin English. The value and ease of travel to a once closed country was just exceptional!
    DrFA / Group leader
    Rock Hill, SC / Posted on November 03, 2010
  7. Outstanding Trip

    This was the best group trip I have ever been on...and I've done a few to Europe and in the U.S. Our EF tour guide stayed with us throughout China and he was amazing. Amiable, patient, charming, and very attentive to everyone's needs.

    The cultural experiences were wonderful, and one of the most eye-opening was the trip into the traditional Hutong neighborhoods of Beijing, where we were entertained in a private citizen's home for dinner. Since China is a communist country, what tour groups are allowed to see is somewhat controlled, but we had more freedom to venture out on our own than I expected. On the final morning, a group of us went exploring in the back streets of Shanghai, and it was quite an experience. Great trip and an excellent value. The entire cost was less than a business-class round trip air ticket for a lone traveler.
    HappyTraveler / Student traveler
    Lancaster, South Carolina / Posted on October 25, 2010
  8. Amazing Experience

    I was not sure what to expect!

    In the end, I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised.
    / Other traveler
    Detroit, Michigan / Posted on July 27, 2015
  9. Great trip for the most part

    The trip was amazing and saw a ton of extremely cool places and was able to take a ton of pictures and go shopping at many places I'm not familiar with in the states. However the group I was in (considered a small group) was about 24/25 people and this caused for us to be late almost constantly. Had the group been 5-10 people smaller it would've been much more efficient for the group to travel around and it would make the TD's life much simpler.
    Shark / Student traveler
    Potomac, MD / Posted on July 26, 2015
  10. An Experience You'll Never Forget

    This trip is one that you will never forget. EF Tours does an excellent job with all the logistics. My one and only beef is the quality of the Hotels... for the money we paid, the accommodations could have been much better. Other than that, it was a fantastic experience!
    JKnows / Student traveler
    Posted on April 07, 2015

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