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  1. Everything I dreamed of

    It can be intense at times with the amount of activities that are packed into every day, but I could have paid 2 or even 3 times more than what I paid for this trip and it still would have been worth every penny. I can't truly articulate how amazing of an experience it was other than you say if you can go on this trip you have to. Not you should but you have to. It truly helps you appreciate life and all it has to offer.
    Shepi101 / Student traveler
    Farmington, MN / Posted on March 05, 2018
  2. Spectacular Experience

    This was the most spectacular trip that I have been on yet. The places were amazing. I enjoyed the hot sulfur springs/mud bath in Rotorua. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge was amazing especially at night during Vivid. However my favorite thing would have to be snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef! It was such an amazing experience. Our tour guide did an exceptional job of finding things for our large range of age groups. He was superior!!
    Tissy / Other traveler
    New Sharon, Iowa / Posted on June 06, 2017
  3. A truly interactive experience!

    We enjoyed the tour because of the many opportunities that allowed us to explore the natural beauty of New Zealand and Australia through interactive activities such as ziplining, snorkeling, sea walking, and many more! We learned about the development and the challenges of the agricultural sector in both countries. We had a first-hand glimpse into the aboriginal cultures and the efforts of the people to preserve their traditions. The trip was truly an educational as well as a totally fun experience!
    Zerimar / Group leader
    New York / Posted on June 05, 2017
  4. Absolutely Fantastic

    This trip can be described in one word...amazing. The tour guide was informative and awesome and always did her best to include all of the activities that we wanted to do (like Hobbiton or Zorbing) into our options for activities. I will never forget this experience and it was all because of EF College Study Tours.
    / Student traveler
    Mechanicsville, MD / Posted on February 03, 2015
  5. Unbelievable first trip!

    For my first trip, NZ and Australia was amazing. From pastural and geothermal Rotorua to hip and vibrant Sydney to tropical Cairns -- my students experienced it all! Learning about both the Maori and Aboriginals and being able to compare/contrast was an educational experience. Listening to dialects proved both interesting and challenging (at times!).
    ISUprof472 / Group leader
    Bloomington, IL / Posted on May 29, 2014
  6. life Changing

    Our guide truly what was made this trip life changing! She was simply amazing, it was always a fun adventure every day and she didnt just lead a tour she had us interact with the locals and really submerse ourselves into the culture!
    Pink / Student traveler
    Minneapolis, Minnesota / Posted on January 31, 2018
  7. The Land Down Under

    Overall the trip was very good, this is a LONG journey and between the bus trip to JFK ,flights, and more bus trips it was 36 hours . Hotel accommodations were changed in Sydney and where we stayed was convenient, but rooms were tiny, bathrooms interesting and the floors were filthy. I would not recommend 4 to a room in this hotel. I actually would not recommend this hotel.
    On a happy note, the weather was great, tour guide fabulous and other than Sydney, the accommodations were fine. Very few meals on this trip and food is pricey.
    This trip was beyond my expectations.
    widowmarsh / Group leader
    FAYETTEVILLE, NEW YORK / Posted on June 01, 2016
  8. Phenominal

    I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. My students and I had an amazing time. I am hoping to create a trip to China next summer.
    Sparky / Group leader
    Tampa, Fl / Posted on June 30, 2015
  9. Uneducational and Expensive Tourist Experience

    The way EF tours made this trip sound had me very excited about all that I would learn, see, and do. I am a biology student, and New Zealand and Australia would have been incredible places to study unique plants and animals. This tour description was misleading. For example the excursion for snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef said we would "snorkel with a marine biologist." Do you know what we did? Went on an extremely touristy GBR tour that had nothing whatsoever to do with marine biology. A marine biologist didn't take us snorkeling, an employee on the boat did. He literally swam around so we could follow him and pointed at things.

    All we did on this tour was go see tourist attractions. Don't get me wrong, there are some great attractions we went to and some experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime, but they were experiences I would have like to have if I had planned my own trip and chosen the specific sites I wanted to visit .

    For the amount of plane rides we had and the amount of tourist attractions we visited the price of the trip was VERY reasonable. However, our tour guide had let us know in advance that we would need to have money for a few meals and the rest would be covered. Well, aside from breakfast being covered at the hotels, we had to pay for all our meals except for a couple dinners and a lunch (if you went on the excursion that included it). There were a lot of unexpected costs in this trip, so do not plan on the sticker price being all you need to pay besides souvenirs.

    Another excursion we went on to the Blue Mountains was fairly expensive, and after stopping at another attraction and then arriving at the Blue Mountains, we had less than half an hour to walk around trails and explore down in the Jameson Valley. For the money we paid for that and the beauty of the mountains, that was a huge disappointment.

    I had some amazing experiences and I would not change them for anything, but if I had planned a trip to Australia and picked the tourist sites I went to, I would have had a very similar experience. The customer service leading up to the trip was also great. I recommend going on this trip if a tourism vacation is what you want, but if you are going with education and actual studying abroad in mind then I would suggest using a different service.
    / Student traveler
    Springfield, Virginia / Posted on June 15, 2014
  10. Excellent Tour

    I loved this tour and our tour guide was exceptional. She made our trip! We did everything I wanted to do and more. Our group was small so we were able to do more active excursions. I really recommend the white water rafting.
    DebbyO / Other traveler
    Haughton, LA / Posted on June 09, 2014

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