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4 reviewed WWII & the Liberation of France
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  1. Lady60 / Other traveler
    Posted on June 05, 2015
  2. Freedom's Route To Victory

    Our journey began in London, the nerve center for Allied planning to liberate a suffering humanity. Our TD went out of his way to make this an enjoyable historical experience. Hotel stay was excellent and so to was our EF restaurant choice. Our whirlwind tour of London was enhanced by our excellent ferry trip to France where we arrived at Caen to travel the next day to Normandy where we visited the D-Day invasion beaches of Omaha and Utah. At the Normandy American Cemetery my wife and I placed an American flag beside the name of her brother on the Wall of the Missing which had the names of the American military personnel who where listed Missing In Action during the Normandy campaign. On to Paris for another great experience. Only one glitch..the hotel's dining room could not accomodate the size of our group for breakfast. We had a box breakfast instead. Not the best. Other than that, excellent all the way around.
    Historian1 / Group leader
    Newton, NJ / Posted on June 01, 2014
  3. Overwhelming

    The guides who met us at London, while friendly and kind, seemed over matched as they could not get us to the correct tube station without asking for assistance. Also the
    first walking tour took us to St Paul's which was part of a guided tour the next day. Other sites could have been visited. After our regular tour guide arrived, things were much more organized. His information and directions were excellent. More detailed information about tube travel was needed. The English tour guide was excellent. His insights were interesting and educational.
    The bus tour was a worthwhile adventure. I wished for a better view of Parliament. The other major sites were quite enjoyable. The only site that I regreted not seeing was Picadilly Circus. I was misinformed as to its location.

    Our hotels were a great value for the tour. All employees were helpful and friendly.

    Our time in Caen and Normandy was my personal favorite. I would make our extra stops at the beaches and Ste-Mere-Eglise a regular part of any future tours. If anything has to to be omitted, I would chose the Memorial in Caen.

    Our first Metro trip in Paris ended at CHATELET CTE from which we walked to Notre Dame. I would recommend that we leave the Metro at Champs Elysees stop and take short walk to the shuttle boats on the Seine for an above ground overview of the city. A boat tour which lasts about one hour and half would enable tourists to see where all the points of interest are located with easy access for next day exploring.

    I would not recommend the side trip to Versailles. The palace was to crowded. The time would be better spent enjoying the sites of Paris.

    We went back to Notre Dame on three occasions. I would have preferred time at the Louvre.

    The bus tour was very good as we covered a great many areas of the city. The French tour guide was excellent.

    Everyone was very helpful and kind.

    The trip was a wonderful experience.

    Dispite the Tour guide's warnings about pickpockets, I was robbed just after entering the Metro on my last trip back to our hotel. I had been very careful the entire week, but made one brief mistake that led to the robbery. ALWAYS KEEP WALLET AND MONEY IN FRONT POCKET OR BACKPACK. Very little money need be carried as ATM exchanges are available.
    / Other traveler
    Shawnee, Ok / Posted on May 31, 2014
  4. Average experience

    The experience was just average for me. The places visited themselves will always stand on their own as magnificent...Eiffel Tower, The Louve, Paris in general, London and Normandy beaches. Our tour guide was a 10! And he did his very best to keep us moving and cheered with his enthusaism. The reason for the average rating and why I would not recommend EF to friends is the rush, rush, stop attitude. Move on, move on....Also the evening meals were absymal. Breakfast at the Premier Inn in London was good, others not so much.
    Rip62 / Other traveler
    Oklahoma City, OK / Posted on May 30, 2013

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