Future Nobel Laureates Scholarship Program

Powered by EF and the Forum on Education Abroad in partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum

Future Nobel Laureates Scholarship Program

Powered by EF and the Forum on Education Abroad in partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum

Fueled by a common belief that in order to change the world you need to experience it, EF College Study and The Forum on Education Abroad have created a first-of-its-kind, high-impact student scholarship program, in collaboration with EF's educational partner the Nobel Prize Museum. This interdisciplinary program is dedicated to including students from diverse backgrounds, and future leaders from all over the world are invited to apply. In the second iteration of this program, only 10 students will be selected to attend the prestigious program, and all applications are due May 6th, 2022.

During this fully-funded program designed based on the Standards of Good Practice for education abroad, the selected students will participate in and receive credit for an online project-based course, travel to Sweden for an international field study, and attend sessions at the 2022 Nobel Week Dialogue: a collaborative event that brings some of the world's leading scientists, policy-makers, and thinkers together to explore scientific topics through a global lens. Led by distinguished international faculty-leaders, scholarship recipients will tackle global challenges through action learning projects.

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About our 2022 program

Our 2022 Future Nobel Laureate Scholarship Program is a fully-funded international travel experiences that includes round-trip airfare, superior-class hotels, and regional-style meals. The program begins with an online course in September 2022 and a field component will be held December 5-11, 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and travel with a diverse cohort of fellow student leaders while developing intercultural competencies useful for their future careers.

During Nobel Dialogue sessions, students will discuss the intersection of science and global communities and explore their collective impact on the future. They'll also hear a lecture from brand-new Nobel Laureates. Throughout the week, students will explore the city with an expert local guide and visit Stockholm City Hall, the Nobel Prize Museum, and the Bergh School of Communication.

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Our 2022 application is open! Our timing and application deadlines are below.

What to expect


Applications due May 6, 2022
Notification of winners July 2022
Course begins September 2022
Travel to Sweden December 5-11, 2022

For full application requirements and the selection process criteria, check out our application using the button below.

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Partners in educational excellence

The Forum on Education Abroad is a nonprofit membership organization recognized by the U.S. government as the Standards Development Organization for the field of education abroad. With over 800 institutional members worldwide, The Forum is committed to ensuring the excellence of educational travel programs. Through a global network of over 50,000 employees across 110+ countries, EF Education First is focused on one mission: Opening the World Through Education. EF College Study, the higher-education division of EF and a Forum member institution, designs high-quality study abroad programs intentionally crafted using our Global Learning Model that blends academics and cultural immersion with high-impact resources for students and educators.

UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business

Our academic partner
We are proud to partner with the Lochlann Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin as the school of record for the the Future Nobel Laureates Scholarship Program.

UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business is the leading undergraduate business school in Ireland and has the most progressive education programs in the world. They are driven by the mission to inspire and facilitate students to achieve their full potential and maximize their positive contribution to business and society, both locally and globally.

In collaboration with EF's educational partner

EF Education First’s educational partner, The Nobel Prize Museum, is teaming up EF and The Forum to offer the opportunity for student scholarship recipients to attend the 2022 Nobel Week Dialogue and hear from world-renowned global leaders, while also engaging with Nobel Prize Museum leadership.

How we designed this program

This program was designed by the partner organizations to meet the Forum on Education Abroad’s sixth edition Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Students selected will receive 5 transferrable ETS credits from the University College Dublin upon completion.

Course goals

  • To enhance learners’ professional, personal, and intercultural competence development.
  • To inspire the next generation of global leaders to seek out knowledges to question current norms and systems.
  • To work interculturally to pursue ideas that identify and confront equity and justice concerns in their communities and around the world.
  • To provide a means to deepen and expand learners’ own understanding of themselves in the world.

Learning objectives

  • Practice critical self-reflection and self-awareness related to personal experience, strengths, and values.
  • Articulate own cultural identities in relation to those of others on the program and in-country.
  • Practice inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving independently and collaboratively.
  • Model curiosity and empathy (wonder) in interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, and research.
  • Relate interculturally to others in the group, and those they interact with onsite, in ways that demonstrate empathy, humility, and authentic caring.
  • Design solutions to equity and justice issues that apply varied sources of knowledge and respect for diverse experiences and realities.
  • Synthesize course learning through a final project and reflection paper.

Our educator partners

Meet Dr. Darla Deardorff
Dr. Deardorff served as an instrumental player in the design of this program, paving the way for how to establish a structure that was innovative, impactful, and could meet the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Dr. Deardorff is the Executive Director of the Association for International Education Administrators and is on the faculty of the Think Tank on Global Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A true lifelong learner, she is a research scholar at Duke University's Social Science Research Institute and a research associate at prestigious universities all over the world.
Meet Dr. David Wick
As the faculty Group Leader for this program, Dr. Wick will guide students throughout the entire program experience. He worked for over 20 years at four U.S. universities to support international education programs. Now, as Associate Professor at the Middlebury Institute, he teaches graduate courses on educational equity and social justice, student learning and development, and other topics. Dr. Wick researches, presents, and publishes on equity and inclusion in international education. He served on the working group that wrote the sixth edition of The Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice. His current leadership activities include service as facilitator for the Diversity Abroad International Education Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, peer reviewer for The Forum's Quality Improvement Program, and TLS representative for NAFSA Region XII.