tipping suggestions

It’s customary to tip your Tour Director, bus driver and local guides.

Make it easy
We recommend Group Leaders collect each traveler’s tip money before the group departs. To keep tips organized, use the convenient tipping envelopes that we provide about two months prior to departure.

Suggested tip amounts
Tour Director: Your Tour Director is with your group 24 hours a day, taking care of all the logistics on your program and becoming a partner on the road. We suggest tipping your Tour Director $6 per person, per day.

Bus Driver*: Set aside an additional $3 per person, per day for your bus driver.

Local guides*: Plan to tip local guides $1 to $2 per person.

*For planning purposes, ask your Program Coordinator for details about the number of guides you will have on your program and the number of days you will be with your bus driver.