Attend Orientation & Development Seminars

When you take your students abroad, you should feel confident, prepared, and ready for anything—that’s why we run fully-funded Orientation and Development Seminars in Barcelona and Paris for first-time Group Leaders.

When you enroll at least six students on your program, we’ll invite you to join us (for free!) in Barcelona or Paris, where you will:
  • Network with other Group Leaders from across the country
  • Get to know the EF College Study team and our Tour Directors
  • Learn best practices from experienced Group Leaders, who attend as expert peer resources
  • Participate in workshops on safety and security, academic integration, and general program expectations
  • Discuss and learn innovative ways to develop sustainable programs on your campus

Access thought leadership & attend symposia

By partnering with EF College Study, you’ll be able to meet fellow educators from different disciplines and regions at EF-hosted thought leadership and networking events addressing various international higher education trends and faculty needs. Most recently, we've hosted faculty in Boston at our Global Study Symposium—a weekend of networking, innovating on educational travel, workshopping, exploring historic Boston, and more.

Earn rewards that can help you grow professionally

With each program you lead, you'll earn Global Points you can use for all kinds of very rewarding purposes. Put them toward program scholarships to help more students travel, apply them toward optional excursions during your program, or even use them to advance your career.

Through our new faculty-only international Professional Development program—developed specifically and exclusively for EF College Study faculty—you can redeem your points for travel opportunities that allow you to network and learn from like-minded peers and colleagues. You’ll develop your craft even further, all while enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of incredible destinations.

Want to learn more about our faculty development opportunities?