Experience a program before you lead one

When you take your students abroad, you should feel confident, prepared, and ready for anything. That’s why we train first-time Group Leaders—for free—via webinars they can take part in from home, or on an international training program in Paris or Barcelona. While space is limited for our international programs, everyone is guaranteed a spot in the webinar.

Enroll six students and you could attend a free, international Group Leader training program where you will:
  • See a Tour Director in action
  • Learn helpful tips and get advice from experienced Group Leaders
  • Understand challenges and discover best practices for planning, recruiting, and traveling from EF staff
  • Participate in a workshop on safety and security, academic integration, general program expectations, etc.

To learn more about our training opportunities and how they can benefit you, call a Program Consultant at 800-873-2250.

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