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EF Education First's mission is to Open the World Through Education. Within our higher-education division, we believe the way to do that is through academic and programming innovation, and dismantling barriers to access. We are the study abroad partner for institutions that are passionate about designing study abroad programs grounded in academic and operational excellence with the support of a strategic, experienced, and supportive ally.

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How we work with you

Our approach to strategic alignment with higher-ed institutions centers around deeply understanding your needs and goals, and building a uniquely customized roadmap solution that's methodical, easy to implement, and provides value.

Our process includes:
  1. Understanding your institutional objectives across recruitment and admissions, student mobility and engagement, and completion
  2. Strategizing ideas and delivering you a proposal to meet your goals
  3. Creating policies that align with your own institution's
  4. Identifying faculty leaders to bring programs to life and supporting your staff with professional development, training, and with the recruiting students
  5. Operating as a right-hand partner throughout the whole process while managing in-country operations, logistics and incident response on your behalf
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We understand how important it is for students—across identities and across the broad socioeconomic spectrum—to have access to study abroad. That is why one of our core organizational goals is to provide financial and support resources that dismantle barriers to study abroad. Check out just a few ways we aim to deliver on this.

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