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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Introduction to Tripfunder

Using Tripfunder

When travelers log into their account they'll have access to a powerful fundraising tool called "Tripfunder". This tool provides a link that can be shared with friends, family or anyone who might be willing to donate to fund a trip abroad. Donors can wire money into the fund via credit card or checking account via the system online and can even do so anonymously if desired.

What follows is a brief introduction to Tripfunder with easy steps on how to use it:

1. Travelers log into their account and click "Tripfunder" in the left-hand navigator

Use Tripfunder to fund your travel!

2. Travelers can check how much fundraising they need until they hit their goal. Notice that traveler may also share a public link with family, friends and colleagues to promote their trip.

Use Tripfunder to fund your travel!

3. Individuals who wish to donate may pay via credit card or checking and can do so anonymously or with their name and a message to the traveler.

Use Tripfunder to fund your travel!